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Client: OAK'S LAB Academy

Industry: Education           Role: Lead Digital Designer

Challenge: Design a product that will be loved by young people and catch their attention to apply for the OAK'S LAB Academy courses. Designs should feel high-end and modern, and reflect innovation and cutting-edge technology. Ultimately, it was the time-pressure to deliver the design materials became the largest of challenges on this project.

About the project: From its inception in November 2017, I was entrusted with the responsibility of leading all designs for OAK'S LAB Academy - a novel educational institution focused on introducing and transitioning students into the tech industry. I was responsible for creating the following:

  • Responsive website

  • Student learning mobile application

  • Admin portal (CMS) for the student learning mobile application

  • All lecture presentations (Keynote)

  • All print materials

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