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Karen Millen Designs

Client: Karen Millen

Industry: Fashion           Role: Digital Designer (full-time)

Challenge: To design digital content for a high-end product, targeting a larger audience demographic of women in their 20s through to their 70s. Designs needed to reflect an elegance, modernism, empower women to make them feel powerful and confident, with a strong UX to ensure a first-class, 'easy-to-use' online shopping experience. Creating something fresh and interesting within the constraints of a global brand presented additional challenges.

About the project: Gaining crucial experience over 2 years, I had the fortune of working on

the following:

  • Social media content

  • Email template designs and campaigns

  • Blog redesign

  • Website redesign


To fulfill the challenges we worked with bold fonts, the powerful colour of yellow, and strong, impactful imagery.

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