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Google Store - Easter Campaign

Client: Google Store

Industry: Marketing           Role: Designer

Challenge: The challenge was to strike a balance between communicating Easter yet remaining
subtle. We were limited to using specific products selected by Google and to maintain the Google feel
and brand throughout. 
My solution was to explore and apply pastel colours, which evoke a feeling of freshness and festivity at the same time. I also included 3 simple eggs and made the decision to keep these undecorated so as to maintain the subtlety. The final addition to the design was the use of images in the background of Google products showing happy children playing with rabbits.

About the project: To design a hero banner and additional banners for Google Store across various European markets (UK, France and Germany) as part of the 2019 Google Easter campaign.

  • Hero banner (desktop and mobile)

  • Various additional banners (desktop and mobile)

  • Easter newsletter email

google store-S1.jpg
google store-S2.jpg
google store.jpg
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