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Client: Google Ads

Industry: Tech User Education (AR), Marketing           Role: Digital Designer

Challenge: To design an interactive AR experience for existing B2B clients that are actively using Google Ads. The experience design involved a print with a scannable QR code (as seen in the top right) which took clients to a an application introducing an informative 3-step process educating Google Ads users on new features and how to use them in a condensed, bytesized experience. With each step, a 3D rocket model is being built on the lower half of the screen.

Once the 3rd step was reached, users were engaged by the complete rocket taking off to the moon and landing with a CTA to take users to a web page with more detailed information on the features. The challenge was to work within Google’s guidelines to design the full experience and work closely together with the creative technologists who brought the AR rocket experience to life.

This experience was rolled out to various markets in Europe.

google ads small 2020.jpg
google ads small 2 2020.jpg
Google ads big 2020.jpg
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